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UPDATE 7/15/14: My husband seems to have gotten my tablet working for now, but it is still on its last legs.  I'll keep you all updated on how it is going until I get a new one, but for now, it looks like I can get a few more commissions done!  Here is to keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't start messing up again anytime soon.  The issue we are having is a driver to hardware issue that seems to be pretty common in this model now, but we at least got it working well enough for now.

I am so grateful to be an artist and have the ability to help provide some spare money to help my little family. With my health at such a low point, it is a blessing to be able to make even the pennies that I can. I want more than anything to feel normal again and be able to lead a more productive life. Perhaps one day go back to school and move forward, but for now, all I have is my little office, my loving husband, furry family and art.

I hate asking for help, my pride gets in the way so many times and it eats me up inside. Connor and I have been struggling. We earn enough to get by, but things that I need quite badly in my present health, like proper therapy again (I need to find a new psychiatrist) or x-rays for my neck before seeing a specialist for a better idea of where my pain is stemmed from... these are always on the back-burner and have been for nearly a year now. Our obamacare insurance is pretty dismal. The price is high and the only thing that makes it worth it is the lower prescription costs, which is only barely lower than the price of the insurance itself in total. On top of that, Connor's cat is ancient and has already cost us quite a bit, along with our dog, who we have been worried about with her monthly-bimonthly seizures.

I won't ask for free handouts, I work hard in the ways I can to earn the little money I earn. If any of you want to do a good deed for the day and help a struggling family and happen to like my work, please check out my little print shop. I know we are not the only ones struggling. Many of my friends have been putting up gofundme's lately and it seems that many are in times of hardship beyond just ourselves. I hope that all of those struggling with the same financial burdens find that light they are looking for and freedom for stress, even if only for a while.

Anything helps. If you don't like what I have in my shop and want a private commission, I am happy to discuss prices and work on personal pieces for you as well. If you have no money and want to help, a share, or even some good advice or an encouraging word mean the world to me right now. My shop is here:…

If you would like to commission for me for something not on my list, please send me a private message and we can work out the details. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. It is not easy putting ourselves out there like this. I just want to ease the burden of my loving husband and help him how I can until I am healthier and able to once again work more than I am currently able.

My paypal is for commissioners.

I am going to be offering $10 sketch commissions.  These will be similar to this:
 Isale WIP2 by Nemeah

I am offering 10 slots between my DA and tumblr, so please note me if you'd like one and we can go from there!  If you'd like a couple drawing, please let me know, I will do these for two spots, though the second one will be $8 instead of $10.

Also finally opening up watercolor commissions.  I labored quite a bit over the cost, as I like to be able to make things affordable for my commissioners, while still paying me a fair wage on top of my supply costs.  I use high quality materials, paper and will provide shipping all included, so I figured $75 will do the job.  This will include a full body with minor background.  If you are interested in a watercolor commission that will be shipped to your home, please send me a note!  

Watercolor Commissions by Nemeah

Figured I might as well also put up the painted portraits I will also provide, again watercolor, for $50.  These are 9x12, and again, include free shipping (note that the examples are currently the WIPs I have for this commission type):

Oberyn and Istaaz WIP by Nemeah

These will all be done on high quality 9x12 arches watercolor paper, unless you want something larger and work out another price point.  I can also do couple pieces if you are interested; just note me what you are looking for!
Offering two slots for watercolor commissions for the time being.

Thanks for the continued support, guys.  Love you all.  <3

10/10 Taken

1.nouveau--riche - Sketch - PAID - FINISHED 
2.KrypticRaven - Sketch - PAID - FINISHED 
3.Matvi - Sketch - PAID - FINISHED
4-5.KittenKabob - Couple Sketch - PAID - FINISHED
6.nouveau--riche - Sketch - Sketching
7.Daklore - Sketch - Not Started
8.Royal - Sketch - Not Started
9-10:Soltwo - Couple Sketch - Not Started

0/2 Taken


Kagehahen - Custom Illustration - Working on the Details

If you are interested in traditional media commissions or anything else not listed, please send me a PM and we can work something out!  I am able to work with all paint mediums, though I specialize in watercolor, copic marker illustrations, colored pencil, ink, pencil, etc.


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That I do!  I use both about evenly, though my tumblr usually shows a lot more of my processes.
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